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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy bluegill action!!!!!!

What a difference a day makes. After i had my first outing dreams crushed yesterday i was able to get my act together this morning. I decided on a change of venue. Moving from the vast openness of Candlwood lake and its deep flats, to the mouth of a damned tidal pond.
The ice was about 7 inches thick, which is good for being right on Long Island Sound. Well the fishing was Non-stop with the bluegills, and nothing else. Finally after an hour long bail job i got into some dink yellow perch, and my supply of spikes was going at an alarming rate. I then pulled a move to see if i could locate some whites or crappie, not a chance! The bottom was paved with gills and dink yellows. It was like "shooting rats in a pipe" ! I was wondering if that was all that inhabited this lake.
After about two hours i was in the middle of a crazy sub-ice bluegill blitz. Then, Finally, I got a big hit on the Vex! and then it hit my jig! I could tell it was no bluegill. After a minute, a giant, yellow perch came to the hole. About 20 minutes later the north wind started to come on and threw on my coat. While i was doing this i noticed a fish on the vex come after my jig, and it hit! Finally, a crappie!!! I did not stay much longer because i was wanting to go to bed. After a long night at work it was time to get going. Thankfully i was able to end the day with a string of 5 crappie.

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