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Friday, January 22, 2010


I love to clam durring the winter. The sun sits very low and it gives it an overcast feel. Eventhough it is cold you enjoy every minute. Our beds in Stamford have been closed since last march. We have a half inch rain trigger so the beds are closed a lot. Th conditional areas have been open for a few days and i think they will be closed on monday due to the threat of heavy rains. I needed to get in on the action while it was open.
I got down to the beds around 915am to see the tide was almost out full and the winter sun low in the sky. I had my brothers stainless steel rake with me and my neopreme waders. The stainless rakes is great, powerful, light, and sharp. You could rake clams out of a driveway with this rake.
Even though the beds have been closed for 9 months the beds were worked over. This really bummed me out that some people just don't care. I hope they all have HEP A, B, and C for good measure. I did however dig enough for a good dinner!!!

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