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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In The Wake

Have you ever seen a tree come down? how about giant waves crashing through a parking lot? How about a street light blowing over? I was able to bare witness to all of these things during our last weather system.
 The weather rolled in on Thursday in the form of heavy clouds and some drizzle. Friday, the wind picked up and turned East. Saturday morning the rain picked up. Saturday after noon through Sunday morning saw East winds from 35-45 MPH with gusts up to 65MPH. Thats right, over 10 hours of high winds. Finally during the night on Sunday it broke. On Saturday night i saw all of West Beach, in Stamford, under water. The waves rolled right through the parking lot and crashed against the dyke. I looked into the street light and it looked like a scene from the crab show with the rain gong sideways. I was able to ride around on Monday and all i saw was devastation! The winds brought down Trees, power lines, poles, and shingles. On Wednesday i took a ride down to the beach and i was amazed at what i saw. All the sand from the beach was in the parking lot. As i took a walk through it, penny, started scratching at something in the sand. It was a clam!!! apparently a lot of clams got washed up.
On the fishing Front i can report that the, despite the most powerful storm i can remember, weather is improving. Temps are in the 50's everyday. Warm Temps and sunshine are the 2 best ingredients for an early spring bass run, and it just might happen. I spent my first day off in a while tying flies again. I tied up Ray's Fly's, Flat Wings, and Deceivers. It was very nice to allow the sunlight and fresh air in through the windows while tying my flies.

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