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Thursday, March 25, 2010

almost there

I am sure by now, everyone has been bitten by the bass bug.
With temps getting steadily warmer you can anticipate bass being available at the tidal ponds shortly. I have plans to take the first trips of the year, based on the weather and tides, during the first few days of April. I have tied up a full stock of Clousers, Ray's Flies, and Flat-Wings to get me through the first month of the season. The old saying is "the last 5 minutes take the longest" well i guess we are in the last 5 minutes of winter, and the first bass are almost here if not already. All We have to do is get out there, and start fishing. I am confident that in the next two weeks i will have a pic on here of the first schoolies of the year. Good luck everyone.

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