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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game On!

After a long, cold, miserable 5 months of waiting the first fish of the year are in. The weather has been nothing less than spectacular for the last week, and i knew that would get it going.
I rigged up my 8wt with a clouser, threw on my waders, and got down to the tidal pond. Being that it was during the week i had the joint to myself. As i stripped the line off my fly reel i could feel the water flowing out of the pond, it was nice and warm. Water temperature dictates the fishing this time of year and finding warm water is the key to everything. The tide was half way out and i was able to wade out to a little sand bar in the middle of the channel. With in 20 minutes i was into the first fish of the year. If was such a relief to feel the line come tight in my hands. I was reassured that it fishing was like riding a bike and i had not for gotten how to do it. I was able to take a fish every 10 minutes or so for the rest of the tide. I ended up with 9 fish. On a Big Bonus note! One of the fish had a tag on it! I did some research and the tag originated from the Hudson River Foundation, which tags small bass in the Hudson river. I will mail the tag in and get a 10 bucks and then i get entered into a larger drawing for bigger prizes. Well The fish are here and so is the weather. Us savages have a long season a head of us. Early mornings and sleepless nights are a head.
Savages Angry Mike and Rudy are currently driving down to Oklahoma for a turkey hunt. I just talked to Mike and they were just leaving the hotel in Missouri on there way down. When they return they should be able to share one hell of a story so stay tuned.

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