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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Opening Day is Here

   CT anglers mark the 3rd Saturday in April as a holiday as soon as they open the new calender on new years day.
  For many it is the official start of the fishing season, and with good reason.  The state stocks all the lakes, ponds, and rivers with trout.  Grown men are reduced to children with big smiles on Christmas morning.
      Last night i got in touch with Jan Darula.  We decided we would get out on opening morning, but not for trout.  While on the phone we both decided we would rather chase the bass at the local tidal pond.  So we met up and got down on the sand at 6:15am.   We quickly loaded out stripping baskets and got out lines wet.  The first hour of this outing was making us think twice.  All i herd through the light fog was "i guess we should have gone trout fishing".  At this point i couldn't have agreed more.  I think i would have traded a defunct bass trip for a river full of  hungry dumb trout., "yeah, it would be like shooting rats in a pipe today" i replied.  The only nice thing was there was a giant flock of Brant Geese swimming by us.  It took a while, but i finally put us on the board with a nice 20 inch bass.  I think i got one more fish after this one and that was it for the trip.  I think it is a good sign to be getting into fish this early in the season.  I am sure there is some excellent bass fishing ahead for us.  I will get out and do some trout fishing, but i don't know when.

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