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Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Need More Ammo

I was able to take a long needed vacation from everything that is my life.   It was nice to have a "man day" complete with assault rifles and steaks.
  On Wednesday, Angry Mike, called me up asking if i wanted to go up to New York state with him and a few friends.  One of his buddies purchased 40 acres of land in the middle of no where, which to us savages, translates to: Bring lots of ammo!  I jumped at the opportunity.  So There we were in the morning loading up the truck.  The check list:  M-14 with 250 rounds of ammo and magazine, 17HMR, FNH pistol, Grill, charcoal, and utensils.  We were now on our way.    4 hours later we were pulling up to the bar way of the property.  After walking around we helped out by planting a few pine trees and some deer feed, we named hairy snatch.  What was there to do for the rest of the day?  Remember we came prepared.  Out comes the guns.  The arsenal included and M-14, AR-15 bushmaster, and my 17hmr just to name a few.  Angry Mike was first to open up with his new M-14 scout model.  I have to agree, it is a sweet shooting semi-auto.  The rubber recoil pad cushions most of the .308 recoil.  Our Friend Dave started mowing down saplings and busting up stumps alongside mike.  I cranked out a bunch of rounds with my .17hmr and it proved to be a tack driver.

After an hour of shooting we decided to take a lunch break.  So we drove into the back field and busted out the grill and charcoal.  It only took Angry Mike and Dave a Few minutes to set it up when John C.  asked " does any one have matches?"  In today's day in age no one smokes so we had to think of another way to light the cooking machine.  A electric lighter out of Dave's Truck didn't turn the trick, and we were getting hungry and desperate.  Dave then busts out a road flare and lights it up.   For this move, Dave is now and honorary savage.
  They say hunger is the best ingredient.  They are right we ate the t-bones, potatoes, and string beans.  After wards we did more shooting and decided to head home.  What a hell of a day.  Many thanks to John C.  for the invite and Dave for all the .223 ammo.  The day finally ended for me at 10:30 pm.

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