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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I don't really get out to trout fish that often.
Its not because i don't like trout fishing, but because i have saltwater available to me.  Being that the bass fishing has been on the slow side i decided to take a trip on the rivers in search of trout.  Its well after opening day and many of the rivers have been stocked twice already.  I personally have not been trout fishing in about 5 years so i knew there was going to have to be a re-adjustment period on the river.  I started the trip by digging out my 4wt, reel, and fly box.  I was able to locate everything and i was on my way.  The weather today was in the 50's and overcast.  There was a light rain that turned to mist at times.  All the vegatation along the bank was fully grown and the river seemed to be low.  I sat on the tailgate of my Dakota admiring the signs of spring: birds chirping, smelling the flowers, and feeling the coolness of the day.  I was able to suit up in no time.  Before i knew it i was trying to place a cast into a nice cut of fast water with a bead head.  The small stream venue is very different than the open wind swept beaches that i am used to but i was able to get my casts in the water.  I even hooked a tree, WTF!  Trees are something i am not used to, but i was able to deal with it.   I fished a bunch of cuts with no luck, and i was starting to feel as if i had no idea what i was doing, well i really don't.  I made the choice to drive to a river only a few miles away and try my luck there.  It was here that i saw a few trout rising on insects so i opted to tie on a fly that i got in a fly swap i ran through www.ctfisherman.com.  Well i got the fly right into him and bingo the trout ate it, however, the trout spit the hook and i was back to square 1 again.  I then tied on an emerger pattern from the same fly swap and bingo i beached a rainbow.
  This was the first trout i have taken out of a river in a long time.  I then started fishing a deeper pool with bead heads and took another rainbow. I also dropped a few fish.  I must say it was nice to get out and enjoy some trout action and take it easy.  I think i will hit it again tomorrow and then get into some bass on Sunday or early next week. 
          On the shooting side of things i finally mounted my Leupold 2-7-28 rimfire scope on my savage .17hmr and i can't wait to sight it in and do some chucking. 

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  1. way to get out and fish those flies from the fly swap. If I lived closer to the shore I probably wouldn't trout fish as much either but this time of year there is nothing like being on a trout stream. Enjoy it.