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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staying Dry all Day

The Rain from yesterday and last night Ruined my trip to New York's premier trout waters.  The fix was simple, go fishing today locally and go up next week.
  We were reassured from someone already up there that we made a good choice, because it rained all day up there.   We got our acts together and hit various sections of the Norwalk River around noon.  We started off the trip in grand fashion.  I took a small brown on a #16 Zug Bug, and my fishing buddy, Vinny, slammed one on a Hare's ear.  Shortly after being there we realized that stuff was coming off.  I am not entomologist, so i was not able to identify what kind of hatch off we had going on.  I did notice some light colored bugs.  The trout seemed to be keyed in on a smaller fly that was darker.  Vinny, a master at bug craft, produced a Blue wing Olive and made a perfect shot into the seem where a trout was holding.

I was in amazement when the trout ate. I am not familiar with trout fishing so this type of precision and drift control was new to me and a great challenge.  I can see why you hard core trout junkies like this.  Not being a stranger to casting a fly rod i caught on quickly and was able to snipe out a trout on my own.
  We were able to fill the next 5 hours with catching trout on dry flies.  Here is how it worked:  We came up on a pool and stopped to checked it out before moving in.  We were simply looking for trout eating bugs off the surface film.  Once spoted we moved in for the kill shot.
  If i was able to drift the fly with in a foot or so of where the trout was coming up i would get a strike.  If I was off by more than a foot or the fly was moving faster or slower than i would get nothing.  One had to do this just right, and we failed more than we got things right.  In all we dodged the rain and ended up with about 12 fish all but two were taken on the Blue wing Olive dry fly.  Vinny took the high hook award with a nice 14 inch Red brookie.  No picture was taken because it was released before i got the Nikon out.  Many thanks to Vinny for showing me how this works.

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