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Thursday, May 27, 2010

School is In

Bass fishing in the salt has been a tough pursuit the last few weeks with most trips giving up 1-3 fish.
  Last week i saw more signs of life via my fish finder and on one occasion, i found a bunch of fish, however, i was unable to get a bail job going.  Finally, yesterday i got into some good fishing.  The morning started out with air temps in the upper 60's so knew this was going to be a short trip.  I ran the G3 to a local rock pile that is good at lower stages of the tide.  All of the rocks were exposed and there was a nice rip setting up at the southern end of the structure.  I selected my 10wt loaded with a floating line and a popper.  On the first cast i got a bass!  I made about a dozen casts in this location.  I got one more fish, but most of the casts had 1-2 fish follow the popping fly right to the boat.  Drift 2, i went with my 8 wt and intermediate line.  The drift went perfectly, but the place turned into a ghost town, so it was off to spot 2.   Spot two was deeper so i loaded up my 9wt. with a 300gr. sink tip and a Clouser.   Game On!  I got into the schoolies hot and heavy for the next hour.   The fish were poured out of a mold as everything was in the 18-20 inch range.  After an hour or so of running the schoolie machine the weather got hot, real hot, and by now the air temps were in the 80's.  After working all night i did not feel like sticking it out in the heat so i ran for the barn.  After washing the gear down i enjoyed an ice cold Gin 'n Tonic in the AC
    Today was a polar opposite of yesterday.  The weather went from hot to cool, windy, and rainy over night.  I enjoyed seeing the overcast skies and the fog, but not the East wind.  I was considering going trout fishing, but i already had the boat loaded and ready to rock, therefore, i found my self down at the ramp.  There is not much one can do when facing an east wind and today was no different.  Being a little hung over i forgot my stripping basket in the truck so i turned around and got it.  By now the wind and seas picked up and i did not feel like taking a beating so i did not venture far.  I did find a nice area out of the wind tucked behind an island, and i was able to stick a few fish.  At some point i turned on NOAA radio and they mentioned T-storms so i picked up my blackberry and went to accuweather and sure enough there was some yellow on the radar so i ran in.
     Fishing is getting better and i know i would have stuck more today if it was not for the weather.  It is nice to see it improving.  Now to see what the holiday weekend has in store.

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