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Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Times!

June is here and the fishing is crazy good right now.
  I had some personal time to use at my job so i checked my log and decided  work would not have my services the first week in June.   The plan was to go clamming one day and hardcore fishing the next.  Wednesday i went clamming.  I loaded the boat with my rake and basket and set out.  When the tide got low enough i put on my waders and jumped overboard!  My rake found a bunch of hard clams in short order.  Before i knew it and before it got too damn hot out i had my basket full.  At home, my old lady was happy that i got a bunch of clams.  She culled them out by size; little necks, cherry stones, and chowder clams.  The chowder clams and cherry stones she gave to a neighbor who made stuffed clams.  The little necks she purged in the corn starch water mixture.  Dinner was stuffed clams and spaghetti clam sauce washed down with a whole bunch of vodka tonics!  What a day!

   Friday, i got an early start and was on my way to the fishing grounds at 5am.   As soon as i pulled in i noticed fish on top.  For the first hour i took a bunch of fish on white snake flies that i made up the other night after the clam dinner.  As the sun got high i switched to a crease fly.  Well, that got crushed too!  With in 30 min the epoxy was striped from the fly.  By 7am it was getting hot out and i had to switch to a sinking line and I continued to slay them.  Most of the fish were large enough to cut me into the backing, so it was a real scream fest.  Most of the fish were 24-28 inches and the largest one was a 29.  Got to love June.

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  1. I just found your blog, and its great.

    I love clams, allmost any way they're prepared.

    Good stuff

    Brk Trt