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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Get Out There!

Fishing is heating up in a big way.  During the last week i have noticed that the amount of bait in the area has been increasing.
Now the western end of Long Island Sound is host to the largest bunker and sand eel party i have ever seen.  As with any party that gets too big too fast it is only a mater of time before a few unwelcome guest crash the good time.  The bass blitz i ran into Friday morning was just the tip of the ice burg.  Bait guys are taking fish to 50lbs with consistency and the artificial guys are taking big numbers of smaller fish.  It is as if the fishing gods "flipped the switch" making it the time to jump into the slat head first.  Weather you slinging slug-go's from the dirt or running around on a boat be assured fishing is hot!  The best times for action seem to be from 330-8am so you can forget about sleeping.  After 8 you may encounter a school of blues patrolling  the shallows in search of food.

  My buddy Joe just sent me a pic of him with a 45lb fish he took of his friend's boat.
  They whacked this fish trolling bunker spoons over deep water.  Way To Go!!!!  I have been busy making sand eel flies for the next trip which i have reason to believe will be crazy.

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  1. Great looking sand eel flies. We ran into some mini bass blitz on memorial weekend and it was because of the sand eels. I'll have to ask my buddy to tie up some sand eel flies.

    Thanks for sharing.