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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heat Braught!

Just in from the wonderful state of Florida.  Thanks to Captian Weston Russell of Plam Beach, 561 310 2690, and his 30ft. SeaVee.
  The weather was insanely hot, but the fishing was just plain, out of control!  Being that i grew up in the far reaches of Western Long Island Sound it is a rare treat to get a shot at tunas or other open ocean game fish.  Friday and Saturday, were filled with nothing but little tunny action!  The east coast of Florida has been taken over by angry schools of false albacore, the likes of which i have never seen.  The locals down there call them bonito, which is confusing to us people from up north.  Bonito, for the northeast angler is a tasty fish that is found in august.  It was a little confusing at times when the captain saw color and told be i was on to a bonito.  I had the grill fired up in my mind when fat albert came streaking to the top i knew i was going to be making sandwiches again that night.  Here is a quick summery of the trip; two days of fishing, countless albies, 1 sail, loads of kings, and a variety of bottom dwellers.  enjoy the pics, and stay clear of the sharks!

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  1. Outstanding report and great pics especially the sail. Takes a set of big ones to tempt fate with the banana though..You are bravery man them I. Thanks for sharing.