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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bring the Heat!

With in the next 12 hours i will be departing White Plains Air Port (HPN) for Florida.  The trip includes my brother, mom, and myself.  My mom wanted to sit on the beach while Michael and i got 2 days of charters.  I need to get packed:  clothes, socks, sunscreen, 4 peace 10wt, riptide, shades, camera, and so on.  Do i have any of this stuff packed?  Not a chance!  Like fellow savage, Rudy A, says "That's why they make credit cards."I can just see my self going to the walmart tomorrow and getting a bag of socks, under britches, tooth brush, and so on.  Hey, i want to take it easy tonight.
    On the Fishing front, i went out today with Alex T.  of Vineyard Vines fame.  Alex is a great photographer and fly fisherman.  Too bad the fishing was off.  Well not off, just not what we were hoping to find.  The Stamford area has been completely covered up in 10 inch blues.   The whole morning was spent trying to get the flies past the teeth.  I got it right once, and took a nice bass.  If we had the 5 wts. this morning would have been epic! 
    I will have tons of pics and a great post on my return from Palm Beach. 

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