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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Change of Pace

Well i am finally living a normal life.
  This week was the first week i did not work midnights in over a year, and i have to say i feel great.  It was just nice to go out and do stuff with my family and friends.  This morning was no exception.  Jan D and i have not really fished much during the past year, so we made a go of the low tides and great weather.
   For the change of pace i thought i would leave my long rod home and bring my spinning rod.  Hey i spent the cash on the St. Croix rod and Shimano Sustain reel i might as well bust it out and use it every now and then.  In short, the pics below tell the story  of schoolies and one keeper.  We even did some bottom fishing with small scup and a keeper sea bass.  The scup are still small but it is a little early.  I love bottom fishing and there will be a lot more of that before the summer is out.  I will see if Jan has some pics for later. 

The hot ticket was Zoom Flukes in White!  We got fish on them until 10 am.  Great day!

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