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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bass, Blues, and Porgies

Well i went out with Jan D.  on an afternoon porgy trip.  The tide was high at 3pm when we left the dock, so we decided to try our hand at the schoolie bite.

The schoolie bite was hot and heavy and we even took out a few little blues.  I was rewarded with my second tagged fish of the year.  The bass was wearing a Hudson River Foundation tag.  I measured him, snipped the tag, and released him unharmed.
  The porgy fishing was a little slow.  From what i didn't see on the Fish Finder, i just think that there is not a lot around yet.  I found that fishing at anchor we were just catching sand porgies and burgals.  I had the idea to try drifting over a gravel bottom.  It was the right choice.  We never shook the little porgies but we managed 8, 12-12.5 inch fish and one big boy that was 16 inches taken by Jan D. 
i have a good feeling that the porgy and sea bass fishing will  get better as September gets closer.     Tomorrows lunch: grilled porgy fillets  and smoked bluefish!


  1. A nice trio of action.

    I have fond memories of Porgy fishing in my youth. They are fine battlers.


  2. Porgy and sea bass fishing is something i find to be a lot of fun. You really never know what you are going to come up with. I have caught, fluke, blues, stripers, toad fish, trigger fish, and a whole bunch of stuff dropping clams to the bottom. Can't beat fresh, white meat fish either.

  3. nice catch of tagged Hudson River Foundation fish, years ago I caught one tagged by them, fishing for schoolie bass at Holly Pond. I have been tagging for the American Littoral Society for over 30 years with many interesting returns