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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not My Day

Wind from the East Fish the Least, the old saying goes.
The old timers didn't just make this stuff up to keep people at the docks.  I should have listened to the words of wisdom, but i had to go out and tempt fate.  I still had a cooler full of ice and 2 clam packs with me, so i decided to give the porgies a go.  Today there  was a South East wind, which  gives the waves a nice long fetch and makes for rough conditions.  After a waste of an hour casting flies and plugs for bass we moved into the porgy grounds.  I found fish in 9 feet of water, but they were dinks.  We had to move deeper.  Jan and I managed 3 keepers.  That was it.  We did not stay out late because the South East wind was coming on and it was already nasty out.  On the way in, just to kick me while i was down the tip on my 10wt broke, Nice.  Luckily it was about and inch down from the tip top so Jan is on the job of putting it back on.  We will see how it casts soon.  It was just not my day.  Hopefully work will treat me better this afternoon. 

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