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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shallow Water Blue

Jan D and i decided to make the best of the short window of calm weather this morning.
We launched the boat under a clear star light sky with a light breeze out of the north.  The only thing we noticed as we left the ramp besides the 46 degree air(Sept. 1st was 90 degrees) was a shooting star.  After a short run we arrived at a rocky reef about a mile from shore.  The tide was coming in and part of the reef was swallowed by the sea already.  STRIKE 3 YOUR OUT! No one home there so we headed west to one of the mud flats we have been taking a few nice fish on.  I really like to fish the mud flats on the first half of the incoming tide.  The water column  fish have to hunt is skinny and  bait gets trapped by rocks, sea weed, old cars, jettys , and so on.  I feel this series of events makes the fish aggressive.  As we rolled in i spooked a fish 10 feet of the bow and i cut the gas motor and we just coasted in.  Cast one Jan D's Yo-Zuri Hydo-Pencil gets lit up.  The nice thing about big fish in shallow water is they have no where to go but away from you.  This fish ran like hell, and wouldn't stop.  It got to the point where i fired the 4-stroke back up and went after him.  After another crazy 10 minutes a nice 12 pound blue came into my hands.
  Not bad for 10lb mono.  How we steered this fish through the rocks, i have no idea, but it was a lot of excitement for this morning.  Bad news, that was it!!!  WTF!!!
   Good news of the day was i found an old favorite fly rod, and took it out.  I don't know why this rod was put on the shelf but i regret it.  Scott made a great rod in the STS, and my 909-3 is one heck of a 9wt.  Light as a feather and very crisp.  I plan to fish this rod for the rest of the season and if i find another one i will have to buy it. 


  1. Look at the eyes on those blues.
    Handler beware.

    Good stuff.

  2. handler beware is right. I think the best part of fall is the skinny water bluefish, they are big and angry.

  3. That last pic is sweet! Thanks for sharing.

    The Average Joe Fisherman