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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Week Away From the Water

Well tomorrow the project on my new kitchen starts.  I am not at all handy with home improvement type activities, so we my wife and I decided to bring in a contractor.  I admit i was shocked to see how much appliances run, but we picked out some nice ones.
We also got some nice jet black stone counter tops.  The stove was a grand and so on, so i can easily say this is one of the biggest purchases we will make next to buying this money pit.  I am troubled with the fact that i know i will never get my money back on it, however, it is needed.  In hind-sight we will enjoy the new kitchen, and i really want to cook some striped bass, steam clams, and fry up some black fish this fall. 

     On to some fishing.  This week was a little tough due to some weather.  Some harbors are offering pretty good fishing while others are like ghost towns.  The bait i like to see the most during the fall is peanut bunker, which are baby bunker.  If you can locate a wad of these guys in a lean year like this one fishing should be a sure thing every morning.  I have not really found any peanuts lately, but there is a lot of silver sides around the rocks, and the other day i noticed a few small squid attack my fly at the boat, so there is food out there. Weather is another factor in the fall.  If the weather remains good and fall comes in slowly  fishing will be great; however, if New England gets pounded by a bunch of Nor'easters than fishing will end fast.  I am confident that when i get back out on the water i will see some nice fishing on silver sides.  I really just want an excuse to cast some flies, and that may bring me to a local river to try my hand at trout fishing.  I have a split cane rod made from E.F. Payne that i am dying to catch something on.  I may never own a Rolex, but i have a Payne and that is better.  For now, everyone enjoy the next few weeks. I really think this is the best time of the year, and if i survive after seeing the final bill from the kitchen i will get back out there.  


  1. Your going to love the kitchen. We had ours done completly in June, and it is well worth it.
    Autumn, Are you ready for some fishing.

  2. I know what you mean about appliances. We bought all of ours about 25 years ago when we hadn't been married too long. So now they're all getting worse for wear. I've bought a new stove and dishwasher this year and the refrigerator has now developed the habit of "peeing" on the floor. I'm not sure it's worth putting any money into.

    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I was debating whether to sign onto yours, but you decided it for me! I really like some of your pictures.