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Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Luck?

Every now and then the planets and stars come into line and i get some good luck.  Not always is the "good luck" in the form of a blitz or full game bag.
  This week my luck came in the form of bad weather!  Yup, bad weather.  Its not every day that you hear fisherman say bad weather was a good thing so let me explain.  My wife and i are getting the kitchen replaced this week.  I knew i was going to have to be around to make decisions and what not, and i would be absent for Long Island Sound for about a week.  As luck would have it, the weather has been horrible to fish this week.  Two Storm systems on the east coast have been beating us up.  The weather started up Wednesday with some rain and followed through till now, Friday afternoon.  My region of New England has seen heavy, almost unreal, down pours and heavy east winds.  I would have gone down the beach to take a quick walk to see what the east winds blew in, but i had some kitchen stuff to attend to.  It will take some time for the water to level out after the storm so i think when the kitchen is done next week i will be able to get out on the water and do some fishing.
     Kitchen update!  The place was gutted, wires run, and as of right now the floor has been laid.  A big surprise was looking under the floor.  The place was built in 1941 and the floor Joyce was not a 2x10, but a 3x10!!!  I currently have boxes everywhere and my condo is a mess, and i can't wait for this to be done.


    I don't like to get to involved with product reviews, but i have come across an item that i think would be a great addition to anyone who likes to fish.  During the spring i purchased a Dry Creek Day Pack from Simms.  Simms makes waders, jackets, gloves, packs, and all kinds of fly fishing stuff.  The Pack i got has fully adjustable straps and comes with a waist strap and a chest strap to help distribute the weight of the load.  The pack also has a cushion for you back.  I can really say that it is very easy to wear, and i have not yet  got back pains from wearing it.  Another key point of the pack is the water resistance properties of it.  I wanted a place that would protect my Nikon D-200 from the elements.  If you are one of these guys that likes to hike in several miles to a river or pond you need this pack.  It has two rod holders on each side, just run your rod tubes through and tighten and your on the trail.  The zippers have water flaps and offer a lot of protection.  The inside of the pack has water bottle pockets and a big cargo pocket.  I have been able to fit my Nikon, water, fly boxes, pliers, light, tippets, and everything else i needed in it with room to spare.  One morning after fishing i decided to see what i could pack in there.  Well i got the rod in the tube and strapped to the pack.  On the other side i strapped my 2 person tent into the rod holder, stuffed in a change of clothes, tooth brush, an M.R.E. not to mention the camera and fly box.  Just remember, this pack will protect you gear from rain, snow, and mist, but it will take on water if submerged.  I would really recommend this pack to: People out on the water all day, owns a big camera, hikes into fishing spots, camps and fishes, and so on. 

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  1. I feel for you guys and all the rain back east. Sounds like things have been pretty well "a wash" for a few days. Good luck with new kitchen.

    Really enjoyed the review on the Simm's Dry Bag. Sounds like usual Simm's stuff. Excellent products. Thanks for following my blog and I will be a regular reader of yours now too!