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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Ready

Well fishing season and my kitchen project are both winding down while duck season is starting up.
  By this time of year the water temps have come down quite  a bit.  Today and tomorrow is the New Moon, and this means really big tides.  High tide is 9 feet and low tide is -1.1!!!!  there is sure to be a massive tidal current.  What i believe this means for the fishing is simple, its going to move things.  Bait fish will be pushed far into shallow water and then sucked out with the strong ebb.  I find  bait in the back waters becomes sparse after the middle of October, and maybe it is because of the moon tides.  Bait will start concentating on the off shore reefs as it migrates and of course the bass and blues are right with them, so the fishing does not come to an end.  you just have to change your game plan.  Hey, if you get a calm day to fish in October drop everything and get out.   My Kitchen should be done next week, so i will be able to get out and slay with my newly added Scott STS 9wt.

   As fishing season starts coming to the end, duck season is just around the corner.  We do have an early season in October, but i don't normally hunt it, and i wait for the season to open up on 11-20-10 it goes right through to 1-22-11.  I spent some time today checking out my decoys and thinking of game plans.  Day dreaming about shooting ducks, geese, and mergs in open water is actually a nice way to spend a nice day.  There has been an increase in ducks and geese flying around, so i am looking forward to hunting.   CLICK HERE for full list of CT duck hunting regulations.  Looks like my Black Ducks are ready to be deployed.  I have to change some of my Buffle Heads.  I want to rig a few of them to drop single rather than on a Mother Line.  Two of my goose decoys that i got as hand me downs are worn and need more paint.  I will paint them up as Brant.  Brant are easy to decoy, so i have high hopes.    Next week i am going to start work on  new blind for the boat. 

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