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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Quack!

Before i go any further i promise that i will have a worthy Striped Bass fly fishing post up soon.  I have been managing work, a kitchen remodel, getting sick, and now a shoulder injury.
  The shoulder injury i hope is nothing than a strained muscle.  Any way, a few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me some email pics of 3 Canvas Back decoys he had purchased.  They were made by the Quack Decoy Company in Cumberland Rhode Island.  I went on their web site Quack Decoy Company, and learned they are celebrating their 40th year in business and having a sale!  As luck would have it the Magnum black ducks were on sale so i picked up half a dozen.  In my neck of the woods Black Ducks are King and can be found along the eel grass mats and rocks.

    Two days later and a Fed Ex box was at my mother's house.  When i got over there and inspected the decoys i was very pleased.  The decoys are made of a very durable rubber, not plastic or cork.  They feature a separate head that you can swivel, brass keel, brass ring, and a line management hook.  A good line management system is important to me because i may be hunting in water any where from 1-30 ft with a moving tide.  The Quacks are a little heavier than plastic so i am thinking i will need 8-12 ounces of lead to hang them up on a clam or rock.  I am very excited about running these decoys in the very near future.  I would have gone out today, but my shoulder is bothering me, so i stayed in bed.  11-20-10 is only a few weeks away. 
   One other addition to my game plan is a make over for my shotgun.  I am from CT so i shoot Mossbergs.  I started duck hunting last year and i was using my old 835 woodland camo turkey gun.  It worked fine but it sported a 24 inch barrel and i want to rock a 28 to make it easier to lead a duck.  In my opinion the 835 is among the most durable dependable shotguns ever made.  The over bored barrel is nice too.

  So as it stands right now i am a little laid up, however, i hope to be through this minor road block very soon.  I also am very excited to deploy these new Black Ducks!  My brother was so impressed that he wants to get 6 Old Squaw magnums.


  1. Looks like you are ready Savage. Can't wait to see some see duck reports from you. Someday I will get down there myself.

    Great looking decoys and thanks for sharing that link.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  2. Sorry about the shoulder.

    That shotgun looks to be ready though.

  3. Passinthru, the early season in these parts is hard. There is still a lot of boats out there to contend with. I really can't wait however to get some triger time on some divers. Brktrt, the shoulder is feeling better right now, and yes the shotie is ready!

  4. Hey, Savage, thanks for swinging by my blog! You might be interested in my reply to your comment there.