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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boat Make Over

Well the past few weeks has been hectic to say the least.  Work has been busy and the kitchen project is just about done.  I have not had much time to myself, and the few hours of free time has been spent with my wife going to movies and what not.  I am waiting on a plumber to replace the valves under the sink which seems to be as complicated as a manned mission to Mars.  Its complicated and it is not the fault of anyone its just a long process with my condo committee getting everything approved.  We are very happy how everything looks and it is one of the best decisions i have made, and i should be using a new sink this week.
    Today was one of the nicest fall days you could have wished for.  Much of my time up to now has been occupied by thoughts of hunting and fishing, so i was a little reluctant to spend a day like today working on the boat.  Working on the boat in 60 degree weather seemed more appealing that doing it in the snow and cold.  I woke up this morning at 6am and shot down to the beach with my Leupold Binocs like several times this week to do a little scouting.  After a few hours of driving, walking , and glassing i was thinking that we are going to have a good opener next Saturday.  There is a lot of Canada Geese and Brant Geese around.  I can't wait for the geese to open up the following week.  As for ducks, there is not much in the way of puddle ducks, however, Old Squaw seem to be multiplying every day.  Mergansers are also there in force which is a sign of some winter herring in our waters but i will leave that for another post.  Every night while i am making my rounds at work i have noticed a lone black duck in one of our secondary settling tanks.  To be honest, one would not believe the amount of time puddle ducks spend in secondary tanks at a waste water treatment plant, but hey, its fresh water.   Finally, i spied a few Buffle Heads skimming the waves at Mach 3. 
   Today i had to get some stuff done and it went OK.  First i had too install a folding camo  cover on the boat.  It is the Cabela's Norther flight boat blind and  is sweet.  Assembly was for the most part easy.  A little customizing was needed but we had it together in no time.  I think the boat is going to resemble the Predator that almost took out Arnold to the ducks. 

    After 4 years and about 400 launches my trailer hubs were looking beat.  I decided to replace them before the tires were a comet of flames and sparks rolling down the road.  The driver's side hub was shot and it was a good thing i acted when i did.  The good news was the job went smoother than the blind and it was done an hour.  Thanks to my moms neighbor and new hunting buddy for helping me out.  I have no doubt he will get some ducks this winter.

   Next i wanted to throw in new oil and filter, plugs, and fuel filter in the engine.  With a few turns of a filter wrench and some draining i had a new oil filter and oil.  The guy at West Marine gave me the wrong plugs, so that didn't happen.  I inspected the gear oil by letting a drop come out and it was good clean gear oil so i am happy with that.  Tomorrow i will put new fuel and a fuel filter in.
   Its going to be a long busy hellish week, but at the end of it, if the weather holds out, some great duck hunting will be done.....or should i go bass fishing????i guess that is what Sunday is for.

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