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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Keeping it Ready and Safe

key pad entry with over ride key

     I believe citizens of the United States are truly blessed.  No where else in the world do people have such freedom to live their lives the way they see it and not the central government.  One right that i take very seriously is, you guessed it, the right to keep and bear arms.  Why do we have such a freedom?  Simply put, the founding father's of the United States wanted to make sure a King would never ever rule over us.  A King, invading force, government, or other take overs can not happen if the people are armed to the teeth.  It is the ultimate insurance policy.  With that said, i do want to make it clear that i am pro "responsible gun ownership".   Good practice in gun storage is key to ownership.  It's no secret that most stolen guns are used in the commission of a crime.......SHOCKING!!!  Keeping them locked up is a good idea; however, you must have something close at hand to protect your family.

    Enter the Gun Vault 1000!
    Here is the answer to keeping your favorite defense pistol out of the reach of criminals and uneducated children, yet allowing YOU instant access.  Gun Vault is all steel and very secure, OK, i guess the criminal with a plasma cutter is getting in, but most criminals are looking for the easy target and don't want to work for it, or they would be working.  The Vault takes 8 AA batteries to operate the lock and the company recommends Duracell.  Gun Vault has many different models.  This model requires a key pad entry and is very quick to open. Gun Vault 1000 can accommodate 2 full size service pistols, like 1911's.   If the batteries fail the safe can be opened with an over ride key.  Gun vault can be mounted on your night stand, bed frame, under the kitchen table, next to the cash register,  or where ever else you want a gun handy. 

help when you need it!

I am very pleased with the Gun Vault and i recommend getting one if you are a gun owner.

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