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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wild Trout Lurk in the Catskills

   Only 2 hours from New York City lies the Catskill Region.  It seems to be home of some of the richest trout waters in the east.  The West and East Branch of the Delaware River, Beaverkill, and Willowemoc rivers can be found in the same area.  My good friend and area guide Vinny who runs out baxter house has been inviting me up for a long time.  Last weekend i was finally able to make it up.
  I honestly was in shock at how full of life the river was.  Every rock i turned over was loaded with nymphs.  I also was able to witness a very intense caddis hatch.  I have never seen bugs actually swim to the surface, kick off their old bodies, and take flight, all in a matter of seconds.  I was also able to fish out of my friends Hyde Drift boat, which is very nice.  The trout?  There is a huge difference in strength and intelligence between wild fish and domestic fish.  I got personal best brown and actually saw the backing on a trout rod!  I didn't think trout got that big and i didn't think trout gear needed backing.  The Baxter House?  Great place located in the heart of Roscoe, NY.  The house felt like home.  The place was very clean and is perfect to relax in after a long day on the river.  They also have a fly shop that has all you will need, and a staff that is amazing, and they will turn your fishing experience into that of a life time.  In short i can't say enough about the Catskills.  Do your self a favor and go up there. 

Here are some picks of the Caddis Hatch



  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. Ok, I'll take your advice and head up there some day. I think this water is on the top ten of most people's lists to visit.