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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spinach and 1911's it Must be Spring

About a month ago i planted some spinach and radishes at my mother's house in hopes of an early bumper crop.  It had my doubts because April was so cold and just flat out terrible; however, life prevailed and i was rewarded with a nice load of spinach.  The radishes have a another week or so, but they will be available soon.  I am looking forward to a salad with spinach, dandelion leaves, radishes, and maybe a ramp. 

   On to the 1911's.  My brother, Angry Mike, has been working 3 jobs.  He has been able to save a bunch of money, so yesterday he went shopping, and returned with a 1911.  He purchased the new Ruger SR-1911.  The SR-1911 is Ruger's first 1911, which is hard to believe since Ruger has been making quality firearms for a while now.  He also picked up a Charter Arms .44spl.  Charter is a long cry from Ruger's quality, but as mike puts it, "the price was right". 

   The SR-1911 is fantastic.  I just returned from his house where i was able to check it out.    I will do a range review of it very soon.  I am sure this thing is going to get shot, a lot. 
    As for the Charter Arms.  It is not as bad as i thought.  Here are a few pics of it compared to my Ruger LCR-357.  We will be shooting the Charter a lot too in the next few days.   Thanks to Angry Mike for spending a boat load of money for our entertainment.  

.44 Spl. should be a lot of fun to shoot.  The upcoming weekend is a long one for me, and it will be full of shooting cool guns and catching big fish. 


  1. That's a fine 45. Ruger firearms are worth their price. I hunted deer in PA with a stainless Ruger SA in 357 mag. At 60 yards that chest cavity was destroyed. Their 45 is impressive, and effective.

  2. Man, that is some great looking spinach, Savage!

  3. and maybe a nice homemade dressing

  4. BrkTrt, i could not agree more, Ruger Revolvers are among the best, and i feel their SR-1911 will follow that tradition. Blake, is the dressing for the greens or to cool off a white hot barrel on a new 1911. SRM, thanks i am trying.