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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of the World, Fog, and Floating Lines

  Yesterday i drove by the local library and a man in front had a cardboard sign that said "The World Ends Tomorrow".  I thought "This better not cut into my first morning on the boat, and shooting with my brother".
This morning after over sleeping by an hour, not they way to start the season, i picked up my brother and the boat.  We hit the water at 6am with some fog and calm conditions.  After getting a string of zeros at the first few spots we headed back in the direction of the ramp, The fog rolled in. I would say visibility was less than .25 of a mile.  luckily I am good at using a compass.  We rolled from spot to spot, and finally, at the last spot we found a few fish.  I took 3 schoolie bass with a 5 inch yellow deer hair slider on a floating line.  The fish were not big; however, they were aggressive.  The strikes resembled a flushing toilet.  One fish hit at the boat and i was able to see his bright red gills!  Angry Mike was unable to connect with fish.
Angry Mike enjoying a Cigar.

First fish on the boat this year.
 The below pic is me fighting a fish that should have never been landed.  Upon hook up the bass swam under the boat, around the anchor line, and my fly line was tangled in the basket.  After getting the fly line untangled in the basket i had to untangle it from around the anchor line and the tie off cleat. 

   Big bonus of the morning was a clam and oyster comb that came up in the anchor.

  After fishing we went to the local public shooting range and shot 100 rounds through Angry Mike's Ruger SR-1911.  I would Recommend the Ruger 1911 to anyone who likes shooting pistols.  The trigger is crisp and one can hit what they are aiming at with ease.  Recoil is modest and the pistol falls back on target very fast for follow up shots.  It is worth every penny, and i may even need to get one.


  1. The REAL rapture (modern term) is way more important than fishing or shooting. However, any serious Christian knew that Camping was a crackpot, so it was just a sad, sick joke.

  2. those may not be huge but they are more then respectable!

  3. Mr. Smythe, Camping a crack pot? Yes. Blake, top water action in dense fog is great.

  4. I laughed out loud when I read your comment on the "end of the word" cutting into your fishing and shooting! That sounds like a great day.

  5. well its not that i don't take the end of the world seriously, i do. Camping is a loon. What i really mean is that after spending all week at work i am really looking forward to spending time with friends and family.