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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Big Question

   I have been unable to get out and do anything extensive this week due to work, and a family trip.  Over the holiday weekend, I traveled to my wife's home state of Massachusetts.  I was given a rude awakening on their gun laws.  Guns of all kinds are hard to own in MA, because of   a ban on "normal capacity" magazines manufactured after 1994, and the gun has to be "MA approved".  I am one that believes a citizen in good standing should have the option to own what he or she pleases.  With that said I feel offended that the state of MA will not sell ammo to me because of my a non-resident status, i am not joking.  At the holiday party my wife and I attended I was relieved to find a few people that were really into the shooting sports, there is hope after all in MA.  It was from these guys and girls that i learned how confusing and restrictive gun laws in the Bay State are.  Personally, I don't know if i could ever move to a state that regulates every gun and Gun item and tells the people they are safer for it, Hogwash!  You can not guarantee safety through laws.
     While working all week i came across an article in the New York Daily news, of all places, stating more and more people are obtaining permits to carry concealed weapons.  The current gun market reflects such a trend.  Firms like Ruger, S&W, Kimber, Kel-Tec, and Khar are introducing guns that are easy to use and very easy to conceal for the LTC permit holder.  Single stack 9mm in the 14-17oz range are really hot on the market right now, as well as air weight revolvers.  Is the Current trend of increasing permits due to fear of terrorism? 2012? Crime? World Famine?  I think people could think of a bunch of reasons to want to defend themselves.  So here is the question of the Day
    Do you think you need a weapon to protect yourself and your family?

A great friend once shared some wisdom with me.  The 5 P's:  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.   


  1. The old saying is that the way to preserve peace is to be eternally prepared for war. It's the same with personal defense.

  2. Was it Ronald Reagan that walked softly and carried a big stick.

  3. I think it was Teddy Roosevelt...

    To answer your question, I have a weapon to protect my family, so yes!

  4. I live in MA and they are a huge pain in the a$$. My wife and I have our Concealed Carry Permit. We had to jump through hoops to meet the rules and have to renew every 5 years at a high cost but would never leave home without it.

  5. Scott, I was amazed after writing the above post to learn what a MA approved gun is. You can't buy a Glock? 10 lb. trigger pull? CA is from what i am reading is a lot like MA too.

  6. I would never move to a gun restricted sate either. The right to carry and protect yourself is necessary and I do and will continue to do so. Laws don't stop criminals but a well place round from my Ruger .45 will most certainly stop them.

    Gun control for me is all about a proper stance, hold, aim and squeeze of the trigger.

  7. Gents...I live in MA too and have a License To Carry (LTC).

    There is no doubt that the laws are confusing but our local NRA chapter (Gun Owners Action League-GOAL) does a great job getting laws passed, changed, etc. Their website:http://www.goal.org.

    I understand how people who don't live here and enjoy hunting, exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights wouldn't want to move here due to the gun laws. For those of us who never lived anywhere else this is all we know so we moan about it and live with it while trying to change it through GOAL.

    This state has made hunting such a hassle that the number of gun owners and hunters has dwindled over the years. Hopefully the downward trend is turning around.

    Another way for people to change their beliefs about guns, hunting, etc. is how people that have LTCs, go hunting, etc. behave. Once people know that hunters, fisherman, etc. are conservationists at heart that helps to breakdown the preconceptions that they may have. Of course we know that some people will never change their mind but I don't worry about them and I also don't act to reinforce their stereotype. The old adage that when you argue with a fool there are two fools arguing applies in that case.

    I just found the blog and enjoyed reading it.