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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sand Eels In!

    At some point during the last few days the mother load of sand eels have made the area home.  Upon throttling up out of the channel this morning i noticed all hell breaking loose.  I guess the saying is true, "a little bit of good luck never hurt a fisherman."  First fish was a schoolie and then a bunch of small rat blues that i ended up donating a fly too.  I did not get into the bass good until 8am under a very bright sun.  The biggest fish was a 28 inch fish that i had to chase off the sand flat and through a mooring field.  My next trip will have a cooler full of ice for those little blues.  more pics below


  1. Great pics of that lineside.
    Can you send me a few dozen clams?

    Great stuff Savage

  2. I will be doing. Some clam gatheng soon. With all the rain we got this year there has been several closures.

  3. So I dig your blog but I think you need to add more Penny pictures.

  4. Once again great pics and congrats on the linesiders. Keep them coming