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Sunday, June 12, 2011

River Day

After a week of very hot stagnant summer weather South Western CT has been blessed with a few cool days.  After getting up this morning Savage Ed called me and wanted to know if i could come over for breakfast and then a short fishing trip, GAME ON!
cast here
   Upon getting to the river i realized the forest canopy was so thick that light would not penetrate, we almost needed a flash light.   I located the first trout with a #18 Brassie.  I found the fish holding in swift area that had lots of rocks. in it.  Mike, took the next fish using a worm he dug out of Savage Ed's compost pile.  Well seems those worms worked really well because Savage Ed and his daughter Lolly both caught trout with them.  Around noon the sun came out a little and the mosquitoes came out!  I had to get ready for work anyway so we left.  

Savage Ed
Kimber Mike
   Another Wonderful week spent slaying fish with good friends.  It does not get any better. 


  1. Looks like a fun day on the river! Nice job Jon and company.

  2. great happenings.... Savages

  3. Mr. Smythe, I have to agree. The river was the best place to be. Hippie, i want to know when you are going to come down and get in on the Bass and Blues like the old college days. BT, My brother Kimber(angry)Mike is a savage at heart.