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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What a Great Time

On Thursday morning my mother and I flew on a Jet Blue flight out of Westchester (HPN) airport bound for the Palm Beaches.
We soon parted the thick signature fog of that airport and were soon over NYC and the Statue of Liberty.  I asked if i could turn my camera on and take a pic, but the attendant said no, because we had not reached cruising altitude, which was 38,000 ft.  Before long the attendant came around with the beverage cart.  Since i was on vacation i ordered the scotch at 8am and tuned the TV in front of me to the Jerry Springer Show.  Even though i can walk from my condo down to the Jerry Springer Show, and i have, there is just something fitting about drinking on a plane at 8am watching Springer.

  We made it down to Palm Beach in no time and were driven to the hotel by the Limo we set up, not bad for 40 bucks, and these guys are fantastic!
     The Hotel is the Hilton Singer, on Singer Island which is just east of Riviera Beach.  The Hilton is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has great accommodations.  A great Beach Bar and Restaurant is also located with in the hotel.  It became our home base for the next few days.
    Later that night my brother flew in and we went right for the bar!  After a few hours we went for a swim in the pool and then off to bed.  After a big breakfast the hotel's van gave us a ride to the marina.  Captain Weston Russell already had the boat in and the coolers iced up.  He instructed us to drink lots of water or we would have a terrible day, and off we went.
   We stopped for a few minutes and caught bait and headed for deep water.  Captain Weston, gave me a 50lb rod, put a bait fish on the 3-way rig and i sent it down.  As soon as the thing hit bottom i was on!!!!  The 50 lb. class rod was bent right to the reel seat and i was having a tough time.  "What kind of sea creature could i possibly be pulling out of 225 Feet of water"  Captain Wes, replied " your in the Gulf Stream, you never know".  I was getting destroyed by this fish and was going to hand the rod over to my brother.  I looked over and he was on too.  After the longest 15 minutes of my life the fish came to the boat, AMBER JACK!  WOW!  those things fight and they were not that big.  Mike got his in and we circled around for another drift.  The second Amber Jack i hooked up with almost killed me, but i got it in.  Mike was having a melt down of his own with a big sea creature from the deep.  After 25 minutes of hand to hand combat he pulled up a big ass Grouper. 
       Now we headed for shallower water and got ready for the Lock and Load Albie Conveyor Belt.  We found it in 130 ft. of water and out baits never made it more than 30 ft from the boat all day long.  We proceeded to catch False Albacore for the next 5 hours straight.  The only change in the routine was my brother catching a Bull Shark. 

Day Two was special, because my good friend Patrick was able to join us.  We have not seen much of each other since he moved to Miami to pursue a higher education.  I figured this would be a great way to catch up and slay a bunch of fish.  Patrick is from RI and the biggest fish he has caught before this trip was a 3lb blue or a porgy, and we changed that! 

   There was so much that went on down there.  We caught False Albacore for 2 days straight.  Live Sardines were the hot ticket, but dead ones worked great too.  The handful of Amber Jacks were a huge bonus, and now i can cross them off my list.  My brother and were also pleased that we were able to spend some time together, which as we get older seems harder and harder to do.  My old friend Pat was blown away by a steady dose of False Albacore, and wants to go again.......Shocking!  I Have fished in many different parts of this country and i will end this by saying the waters between Miami and Jupiter are the best sport fishing waters on the east coast.  Here is a bunch of pics!!!!

From the bait tank!

Patrick's first False Albacore

Mike and Pat with an Amber Jack

Baby Albie



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  1. Well done gentleman. That looks like an absolute blast. Great Pics and nice fish. Tight Lines.