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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Fog

  2011 is certainly the year of the fog.   It seems every morning ! go out there is a thick layer of fog on the water.  Today was no exception.  Jan D and i fished through the fog until 9 am.  I got one schoolie on the fly rod and he got 4 fish with rubber baits, one of which had a tag on it.  The tag was from the American littoral Society.  Check out the pics of the tag.  Jan and I think the tag was causing damage to the fish, and removing it was doing the him a huge favor.  What do you think????? 

Got Home just in time.  As i am writing this post the skies are unleashing a deluge of biblical proportions upon us.


  1. I agree the tag looked nasty,
    The third photo is awesome.

    The rain is OK with me though. Lasts years drought is still fresh in my mind.

  2. BrkTrt, I remember some of your outings trough the heat of last summer. Your woodland trout should be much happier this year. As for the tag i don't want to put down the Littoral Society or the tagger. But I think the Hudson River tags are less invasive, because of their design.

  3. Ouch, that tag makes me hurt just looking at it. Seems like it would make swimming a lot harder. Great pics and fish. We have also had a lot of fog so far this spring. Makes for some beautiful mornings. Tight Lines.

  4. Trout Magee, Fishing in the fog is my favorite setting to fish.

  5. Karma points taking that out, looks like it would friggin hurt

  6. Yeah Blake! thanks we need all the good Karma we can get.