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Friday, July 1, 2011


Today i felt the need to exercise my rights, so i took the Drive up to Hoffman's Gun Exchange in Newington CT.
  Originally, i was going to check out their selection of guns since I had never been there before.  As usual i was pulled into the Ruger display.  The Ruger LCP caught my eye and i had to check it out.  I never gave much thought to the LCP since it was chambered in .380 auto, and i am not going to be attacked by a man of Gandhi's stature.  Over the last few weeks, however, i have been reading more and more about the .380 auto being a great choice for personal protection, because of the advancements in bullet technology.  Today  several quality rounds are manufactured in .380 auto.  The cartridge still won't win an award for knocking an assailant out of his/her boots; however, you won't find me going down range to catch one.   I really liked how the pistol felt given its small size.  The salesman was very helpful and answered all my questions.  So, in the spirit  of Independence i purchased it along with some self defense ammo and a pocket holster.

     The Ruger LCP measures:  5.16"L x 3.60"H x .82"W.  as mentioned above the pistol is chambered for .380 auto(9 x 17mm).  Magazine capacity is 6+1. Sights are low profile and fixed.  The trigger is double action only, and serves as the gun's only safety.  Weight is 9.4oz empty.   Ruger is now shipping their pistols with a quality lock and soft pouch.  I really give a big thumbs up to Ruger for including everything you need for responsible gun storage and transport. 
     I believe Ruger's micro pistol is a good choice for the outdoors enthusiast.  Many of us like to hunt, hike, fish, camp and bike for the solitude of it all.  We don't think much about the day's trip going bad.  Much of the time we are fishing and hunting near a road. Do you think a passing motorist even notices you casting a fly rod in the bushes?  Probably not.  Do you think anyone will hear you yell for help 2 hours into a hike?  Probably not.  The point i am making is you are on your own, and you may have only seconds to act.  You could be taking your children fishing  and out pops a "transient" or a rabid raccoon.   The avid hiker like, The Woods Hippie, would find the LCP a great companion for those back country excursions.  I am not a hiker, but i am sure when he sees the pics he could think of a million places to conceal the weapon.     Fly fisherman could easily stash it in a fly box or chest pack.  Take a look at my pics, i am sure you, the licenced LTC holder, could find a place for this trusted companion. 
Fly Box Holster?
In the chest pack when you need it. 


  1. I'm thinking that could fit in the tank bag of my motorcycle...

  2. I have been looking at the gun too. Please let me know how it shoots.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  3. Ed, i imagine the LCP is a snappy little gun because of its weight. I will have it at the range soon.