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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sleep has been hard to come by the past several days for a number of reasons.  I figured the best way to cure "I'm tired" was to spend some time on the water.  Normally, after several hours on the water I am ready for bed.  I believe the sun drains a lot of energy out of you, much like the cold does when you are duck hunting or ice fishing.  Jan D. and i decided to go out Saturday morning for a few hours, so after a sleepless night i picked him up and headed for the ramp.  The tide was to be low at around 630am and it last of the moon tides.  Low tides in the morning are one of my favorite settings to fish.  When the tide bottoms out all the rocks and reefs are exposed, trapping bait.  Bass and blues set up patrols along the edges of the rocks waiting for a bait fish to make a mistake.  I grew up fishing the rocks at low tide from Jan's 16 ft Maritime Skiff, and the experience has served me well.  I can maneuver my little aluminum in tight quarters around the rocks, positioning for the perfect cast. 

       As the sun came up we were already setting up our own patrol among the rocks in search of fish.  It did not take long for Jan to lace into the first fish of the day just as the sun peaked over the horizon.  I am sure he was thrilled to see stripes on its side and not a nasty sea robin come to the boat. 
     Most of the time I have a fly rod in hand, however, today i just took out my 10lb spinning outfit, because it needed some exercise.  We stalked the mud flats and rocks with great precision, and were able to take a bunch of fish.  I would like to point out we had several fish follow our slug-go's to the boat with out taking it.  If we did catch most of those followers it would have been a banner day.  So for the morning we took a bunch of bass, 3 rat blues, and got eaten off by 2 bigger blues that were laid up on the edge of a mud flat.  all on Slug-Go's and Zoom flukes! 
    When i got home and washed the boat i was very tired and hit the rack for 6 hours.  If you find your self suffering from sleep deprivation just go fishing.  It really works.

This one goes out the wondering woods hippie


  1. Getting out on the water so early sounds like a banner day to me. Those fish that follow like that drive a person crazy sometimes. Great Post. Tight Lines.

  2. Insomnia.

    Good looking bass.
    Is that a sea robin?

  3. TM, the early mornings are always great. BT, The Insomnia is caused by work midnight overtime shifts.