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Friday, August 12, 2011

Loads of Fun

  During the last thirty days the weather has been very much summer like.  Every day tops out in the mid to upper 80's.  There is a thunder storm here and there, but for the most part the weather has been very stable.  As a direct result the water clarity has been A+!  Also, the fishing continues to be very predictable.  The fish are feeding in the same areas every morning, for about two hours.

    Today was different.  Instead of being man handled by heat and humidity first thing in the morning, i actually had a chill.  SW winds gave way to NW winds and we have cooled off some.  The morning's weather could not have been better and i really mean it.  It was cool and as i pulled off the ramp i was thinking i should have taken a long sleeve shirt along.  New York City was plainly visible in the west, which is a sure sign of 0 humidity.  Most of the time i hate high pressure and what it does to the fishing; however, after a long month of stifling summer weather i needed a break.  It was a pleasure to fish without bead of sweat rolling down your forehead.  I have also noticed that it takes a lot longer for the sun to come up now, reminding me of the change that is inevitable in the coming months.  1 month ago it was daylight at 5am.  Today it is more like 530am.
     Today I was graced with Nick's presence on the boat.  Nick, an avid fisherman, and good friend of Jan's jumped on the boat for a morning of fun.  The last trip only produced some lost lures and sea robins for Nick.  The series of events that unfolded today was a little different.   We ran a few miles from the ramp to a rocky area.  The broken rock made the sea floor look like a moon scape more than something on earth.   With in 5 minutes we saw fish chasing bait.  The snappers blues were on the run, and there was big fish behind them.  Nick's second cast took out a nice 10 lb blue, and that set the tone for the morning.  I knew the cool top water action was going to be over at 8 so Nick and I made the most of the fishing.   


  1. Nicely done! I long for that long sleeve weather here in Texas. We have had a break in the 100+ temps, but it is still much hotter here. The water looks so calm, the topwater action must be awesome!

  2. T.Chris, the top water action was about as good as it gets. Both the bass and blues were unforgiving to the bait and our offerings.

  3. You guys have done a great job staying on some super impressive fish all summer. Our night temps are just starting to fall and I anticipate fishing will be picking up here shortly.

  4. Blake, Recently we have been hit with 3.5 inches of rain. I know the last weather event clouded up the weather, but i hope it did not move the fish around too much. We shall see thursday morning.