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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


damage to the bottom of the radiator causing the leak.
    My 04 Dodge Dakota has been at the heart of all our adventures for a long time.  Now she is broken into with 102,000 miles.  I want to keep this truck for a long time. When i noticed the radiator leaking last week i got really nervous.  Luckily Savage Ed is in the automotive repair business and he got me a radiator.  The new one went in with out too much of a fuss.  For now the truck is running good and i can only hope it stays that way for a while.  I will take the hits as they come.   Its back to normal on the automotive front for now.   Thanks to Ed for Knowing how to swap out a Radiator and saving me a Chit load of money.
Radiator out

        Second, i needed a new coffee mug.  My wife insisted on a mug with flowers on it.  Listen i am not getting down on her or the flowered mugs, but i am not drinking coffee out of a flowered mug.  I need something a little more manly.  The other day i was surfing the web looking for a spare magazine for a savage rifle i had.  I found it and placed an order.  Then i saw a button on the website that read "other".  Low and Behold i found a coffee mug that reads Savage Arms.  So now i can sip coffee out of a more manly mug. 
    We have some more fishing coming up soon.  The fishing seems to be pretty good so i hope to have some cool adventures to report  on Friday. 
New Radiator.

Best Coffee mug  ever!


  1. Congratulations on your "manly" mug!

  2. Hey, any mug that holds more than a girlie sip of brew is a good one, that is, if it's lacking in the floral department.

    Just don't let her force you to place it on a doily.

    Congrats on the repair. Time to hit some water!

  3. I love my Savage 110. Nice mug and cheers on getting your truck fixed. I have had my Ranger for 7 years now. I will make it 10 hopefully.

  4. It is nice to have people around who can fix things.

  5. knowing a mechanic can save you thousands, one where you can trust what they say is what you need.