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Friday, July 29, 2011

Take Kids Fishing!

   Most of my fishing started in a small river down the street from where i grew up in Stamford, CT.  The river had a deep pool that housed Sunnies, Bass, Turtles, and eels.  My passion for fishing was born on this little no name river, and not in an exotic location with giant fish.
 As a youngster i was lucky enough to have several people willing to take me on the water with them.  As the years went by I was able to learn many other techniques from my expeditions and various teachers.  Now, just shy of my 30th birthday I am able to give back to the younger people.  I have been involved with the state of CT's  C.A.R.E. program, which teaches children the basics of fishing.  I have also been fortunate enough to know a few people with young kids that want to fish. 
    Thursday afternoon I had a big plan.  Savage Ed's daughter who slept in last week was upset she did not get up to go when she saw the pictures.  The plan was to launch around 3pm and head over to the clam grounds for the "big Score".  I was able to rake-up a half a basket of little necks.  Most of the time clamming you get a mix of clam sizes.  I was hoping to get a few large hard clams so we could use them for porgy bait.  As fate would have it, I scored big on a bunch of little clams.  Opening up even a few of these little clams for Porgy bait seemed to be a sin; however,  Getting a  bunch of barley legal clams did make my day!  Just before 5 I ran back to the ramp to pick up Ed and his daughter.  They pulled up just as i pulled  the boat into the dock.  They hopped in and we were off.  I found a patch of rocks in short time.  I set Lolly up and showed her how to work the conventional reel without over running the spool.   It was not long before she was all smiles holding a bent rod hooked up to a slammer 14 inch porgy!  She got 2 more.  Savage Ed and I put the hammer down on a few as well.  She was saying what a great time she had when i said "we are not done yet".  It was getting dark and i figured i would have her throw some plugs in hopes of a predatory fish.  That plan worked out too!  She was able to plug up 2 bass and a bluefish on a Yo-Zuri Hydro pencil.  Talk about one happy girl!
        Earlier in the week i was contacted by my uncle.  He wanted me to take his 12 year old son fishing.  I guess this kid has been sharping his skill set at a local pond much like i did when i was his age. I picked him up at my grandmother's house at 5.  It was a little windy and raining.  The weather was not that great.  The rain passed and we hit the water.  We fished around some of the rocks at low tide, but it was still a little windy and the seas were a little snotty.  Finally, he had a big bluefish unload on his plug several times before taking it.  It was a spectacular show that included aerial jumps.  The battle lasted a while, but eventually Jeff got it to the boat.  It tipped the scale at 10 pounds, not bad!  At this point in the trip the weather was going down hill and the seas were getting bigger so i motored into a more protected spot.  The move was a great idea.  Jeff caught little blues on every cast and had 3 bass thrown in mix.  Again smiles all around. 
     I will say watching kids catch their first big fish and a very rewarding experience.  I did not catch many fish this week, but these guys did, and i got my clams.  I encourage everyone to take a friend fishing.   With all kinds of distractions now a days I believe it is more important now than ever to get kids outside.   You never know, you could be making a life long friend.


  1. Savage,
    You are a good man.
    Thanks for taking the time to take them fishing.

  2. Way to go getting those kids hooked on fishing. NOthing better than the smile on a kids face as they hold the fish they've caught. Nice fish. Nice Job. Tight Lines.

  3. Those smiles are the REAL catch of the day!

  4. Yes, the smiles are the catch of the day. Teaching kids how to fish can be difficult, but when they catch something it is worth it. I know both of these kids had a great time and i am glad i was able to show them a great time in the great outdoors.

  5. Children will run the water when we are all gone. Getting them interested now can make all the difference for tomorrow. Well done.

  6. Awesome post! You know those experiences will be with them for the rest of their lives and hopefully they will do the same for other kids when they are adult fisherman and fisherwomen.

  7. Well done Savage, Im feeling like I need to get my boy out there a bit more.

  8. My dad hated fishing, so I thank God my uncle took me every chance he got. It's those secluded backwaters and tiny ponds where we learned to put a worm on or select a spinner bait that hold the warmest place in our hearts.