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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Early Morning Fun

        Last night my mother threw together a nice dinner of cold cuts, fresh garden vegetables, and all kinds of salad.  The theme was a dinner that did not require her to turn the stove on.  My Wife, her friend, and I drove over with some ice cream for desert.  After eating and drinking Savage Ed said "I want to go fishing tomorrow".  I said, "see you at 5".  We were both half in the bag, and i didn't know if i was going to make it, or if he would make it.

        4:30am came early, however, i did get a few good hours of sleep.  After a cup of 8 o'clock coffee i was ready to take on the world.  I drove to my mother's house and hooked up the boat.  I had to put a little gas in her, and put air in the tires.  When i returned back from the station i was in amazement when i saw Savage Ed standing there with a cold bottle of water.  We threw two spinning rods and two fly rods in the boat and we were off. 
       Long Island Sound was as clam as ever.  Just turning my outboard over seemed offensive.  My boat got on plane perfectly and was cutting through the glass calm water like a knife.  The 15 minute ride out seemed to take 2 seconds, and we were able to choke down our warm coffee.  Upon arrival, we got greeted by a few blue fish crushing baits on the surface.  Savage Ed made short work of one with a well placed cast.  The blue kept taking line and i had to chase it.  Finally, it came to the boat and was snagged in the tail!  Talk about a freight train with no brakes.  The fish weighed 11 pounds, per the Boga Grip.  Ed was able to stick two more blues before the action died.  All the blues were around 10 pounds, so we were off to a great morning. 
    Spot number two produced 3 more fish for Savage Ed.  One 28 inch Bass and two that were around 24 inches.  I could not let him have all the fun so i unstrung my fly rod and stuck one my self.  By this time it was 8 and starting to get hot as hell so i called it a day and we headed in.  It seems that the fish have really settled into their summer holding pattern, and are very predicable right now.  Hopefully the weather will cool off some, but remain stable to keep the fish in the pattern they are in. 


  1. I am glad someone caught some fish today. I went to Deer Island (near Logan Airport) but had no luck. This was the first time I went striper fishing in years. I don't have a boat so I am fishing from the rocks. Any tips for a newbie to catch from the shore over the next couple of months?

  2. talk about making the most of your time. thats a heck of alot of good fish before 8:00am. i guess you found a good way to beat the heat