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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting Back Before it's Gone

         I have been busy lately and i have not been able to get out and do as much as i wished these last few weeks.  It seems that work or family calls every time i think of getting out for some fishing, but i know i am preaching to the Choir   here.  I am sure most people have noticed a change taking place.  Days are shorter, nights are longer, leaves are starting to hint colors, and the nights are cooler, and lots of windy days.  Recently i have made an effort to get back in the swing before i am chipping ice to get my boat in to duck hunt. 

    Last week my wife and i took a hike.  No, she did not tell me to take a hike this time.  It was a warm afternoon and we drove to Huntington State Park to walk the trails.  What a beautiful place.  Awesome trail network, ponds, restrooms, and everything was marked.  We explored the place and found a small patch work of ponds that the state stocks(score).  I did not spy any trout, but loads of sunnies were swimming around.  I wish i had a 2wt to get these guys.  We also came across several ruins.  These old house foundations were pretty cool and i am going to find out more about them if i can.    Lots of damage was still visible from Irene.  Trees were down through out the park.  I think my wife and i will be back over the winter.
    I also managed to get out and toss my 9wt around.  Seemed like a good morning but the fishing was sub par.  I fished from 5am-8am and racked up a big 0, what a long walk back to the truck that was.  Even here, Irene's furry was still visible.  The beach looked more like Normandy on D-Day, than a nice Fair Field county beach.  Several weeks later and this beach has not been cleaned.  I noticed two benches IN the sand, trees, big holes in the sand and lots of trash.  I guess they are hoping a big winter storm will carry it all back out. 
     I plan to do a lot of fishing, camping, fly tying, and some hunting in the next few weeks.
Walk Out for Good Time

Beach Destruction!

Starfish were all over, bad for the shellfish.


  1. Nice place.
    You have quite a workload set for yourself in the next few weeks.

  2. Brk Trt, i am trying to get as much in as i can before i have to throw on a heavy coat.

  3. your last few weeks sound very similar to mine