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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Trip

   Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Deer Island located in Winthrop MA.  My fellow workers and I  got on a bus filled with other Waste Water Treatment professionals and headed up.  The Island is really two entities.  First, the Waste Water Treatment plant takes up the whole interior of the Island.  Second, the perimeter of the Island is a public park in the form of a pathway. 
    The Waste Water Treatment Facility at Deer Island is huge.  They handle 43 towns and cities in the Boston area.  They also maintain the collections system for the place, which has got to be endless.  It Treats 365 million gallons per day with a peak capacity of 1310MGD.  They also have a pelletizier there which turns the digested sludge into a low grade fertilizer sold as Bay State Fertilizer,  105 tons of pellets are produced every day.  I won't get into the technical stuff, but i will say the place is unreal.  Everything is kept very clean and in good working order.  The lay out of the place is awesome.  Everything was designed for function and maintenance.  After going through the plant the final effluent is disinfected with Sodium Hypo chloride and released 9 miles out to sea.  The Lab at the facility is equally impressive.  The Lab staff monitors all the pre -treatment waste programs, drinking water, and the tests to run the plant.  The place is simply amazing. 
   Now on to the park.  Here I can see some great striped bass fishing to be had.  It seems like an endless shore line to toss plugs, flies, or bait.  I can't wait to go back up and fish.  Also, in the days of yester-year.  Native Americans were sent out there to be converted to the Christian faith, many never made it through the winters.  Years later When the Irish immigrated to the Boston area the public officials sent anyone thought to be sick with cholera there, many never made it off the Island.  When the Project began on the current Waste Water Treatment Plant several sets of human remains were found.  They were laid to rest at a memorial on the Island. 
    Yesterday's trip was a good experience.  There are several hard working smart people ensuring that Boston Harbor is protected at Deer Island.  The Plant in first rate and i was very impressed.  The Final Effluent looked clear and fresh as it left the plant on its way out to the sea.  New technology is constantly being explored including solar and wind generated power to ensure the people of MA Boston Harbor will be clean.  I recommend everyone to go and visit the park that surrounds the Island.  Your friends and family can enjoy a wonderful walk or go fishing.  The managers wanted the park to remain open even after 9-11-01.  Go and enjoy this place, but remember there is a lot of hard work going on there to keep the bay clean. 

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  1. The stripers are biting big time in the harbor now I am told.

    I am going to try and get there in the next week or so.