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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Trip

Yesterday and Today my wife and I did some hiking in Rhode Island.
    Yesterday we strolled along the Cliff Walk located in Newport.  Most of the pathway is very easy.  From Easton's beach to 40 Steps the path is a nice level walk way, and porta-sams are located at 40 Steps.  The Cliff Walk does have some challenging spots further down.  There are several over-look areas, tunnels, and countless mansions!  For most, my wife included, the Mansions are the main attraction.   I on the other hand could care less.  I could not even come close to paying the heating bill, let alone live in it.  The fishing is what i was more interested in.  The Cliff Walk is about 3 miles long so anywhere you could get in you can fish.  Some areas have easy fishing access and others require a safety harness, just watch the surf.   During my college days i fished here a few times, so i know a few spots.
    The next hike we took was the following morning at Sachuest Pt. located in Middletown.  Here the wild life preserve, which you can fish, has a 3 mile trail.  The path way is level and nice with many water access locations.  From the path we saw a few raptors flying around looking for some food crawling amongst the shrubs.  We also encountered  countless song birds and sea birds.    The path has several information signs along the way telling you about the local wild life, including deer.  One of the treats along the way was the several Northern Bay trees.  The leaves can be picked, dried, and used like a normal bay leaf.  The flavor and aroma is different but very pleasant.  For fishing, a special permit is required.  If you do fish here i recommend being on your "A GAME".  Seriously the whole point is no joke.  This was one of my favorite places to fish when i was in college, so i am just trying to give you a heads up.  Its all rock ledge and surf. I have not been up to this area in like 5 years so it was nice to see everything again.  I hope one day i can spend a weekend up there fishing. 


  1. Looked like a beautiful day for romping around. Not to far from me actually. I live in the northeast corner of CT.

  2. Wow that is some beautiful country for sure. I bet the legs were sore after all that hiking. Great Pics. Tight Lines.

  3. Hey Savage........is that near URI? My youngest son goes there and I go down there every so often.

    What license is required?

    Nice pictures.

  4. Both the cliff walk and Sachuest are located on Aquidneck Island. You would have to drive over the jamestown bridge and newport bridge. The area around URI holds some great fishing as well. I always liked the area from pt. Judith south to the border with ct.

  5. It's always nice to get back to a place like that. Breathtaking

  6. Thank you sir. I may be driving my son back to school this week. I'll load the rod & reel into the trunk.