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Friday, October 7, 2011

Attention Campers

Last night my long time friend, Drew and I left town for a night of camping.  Our Destination was Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, located in Westchester County NY.  The Park is an amazingly huge 4700 acres.
  Activities include: Bird watching, tent camping, lean-to camping, hiking, fishing, snow shoeing, X-country skiing, horse back riding, and picnicking.  The park is open to NY residents and non residents a like.  They do charge a parking fee.  Parking is in several lots and road side parking areas. 
      After paying our 25 dollars for the campsite we drove the .5 mile to the camp.  We pulled into the tent camping lot and right away we were greeted by a sign warning everyone about the bears.  To some of you this may not seem like a big deal.  Bears are very common and often come into camp grounds looking for uneaten Slim Jims and Oreo Cookies; however, we are only a 20-30 minutes drive from the Bronx.  Also, the state of NY DOES NOT issue non-resident carry permits, so you have to run faster than your buddy.   The campsites were well marked and spacious.  There was a bathroom located near by.  Each site was equipped with a table and fire ring.  We had the place to ourselves and quickly started the fire.  Dinner was Steak with onions and Green peppers.  We also had some corn and sausage.  It was just a great time.
    I was able to test out some of my camping gear.  I picked up a new sleeping pad and tent.  The pad is from Alps Mountaineering.  It is self inflating and it ROCKS!  To inflate simply open the valve.  After a few minutes close the valve and you are set.  It was like sleeping on my bed.  The Tent is a Big Agnes Fair View 3 tent.  I picked this up on a big Clarence sale because it was discontinued.  I must say the tent was well vented and had plenty of room.    I think the tent can stand up to some weather and keep you and your gear dry inside. 
    Being that this park and campground is located on the doorstep of the Croton Watershed area i will defenitly be back in the spring for a camp and fish. 


  1. Dinner on the coals looks good, as does the trout stream. Bear encounters, not so good.

  2. Black bears clawing their way into my truck would not have been a good thing. However, i did learn that the area is good for trout fishing.

  3. I agree with Alan on all accounts.