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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EMS Men's Microburst Lite Jacket

     Several weeks ago i was shopping the Eastern Mountain Sports sale web page.  I was looking for a wind breaker type jacket for the upcoming fall adventures.  I knew i wanted a good quality light weight nylon shell to protect me on breezy days or cool mornings.    The Jacket had to offer some protection from dampness or light rain.  Finally, the jacket had to be light weight and packable.  Well, I came across the EMS Men's Microburst Lite Jacket.  EMS had it listed on sale for 31 dollars so i decided to give it a shot.  It arrived at my house in one day.  All i had to do was wait for some cool weather.   
         Here in Southern New England we do not get the harsh weather Northern New England receives; however, the weather can change rapidly.  Fall weather in the Northeast is unpredictable to say the least.  Just this last week my town got hit with a snow storm.  How did the Microburst jacket stand up to the craziest weather?  Awesome! I have worn the jacket several times in the last few weeks, and i could not be more pleased.  I want to set a few limits before i go deep into my review.  First, the jacket is just a thin Nylon shell(wind breaker), so if you are going to summit Everest you may want to re think your choice of coat.  Second, I would not say it is water proof, but it does shed water.  Third, layering is important. 
     Microburst is perfect for that early morning september boat ride out to the porgy grounds.  Pushing the throttle on my 40 horse to 4200 rpm planes the boat out and brings me up to 23mph(per GPS).  When the air Temp is 50 it can get chilly.  The jacket was Great at cutting that chill.  My wife and I also went for a hike at the Mianus River park one morning after it rained.   The water dripping off the trees beaded right off the jacket and i was dry.  Just before Halloween Connecticut got whacked with a freak snow storm.  I wore the Microburst to really test its limits.   Walking around the block in blizzard conditions i was pleasantly surprised.  The jacket has a hood and that is a huge bonus!  The snow slid off the jacket and i was kept reasonably dry.  Once the fabric gets saturated some of the moisture seeps in.  I think a coating of scotchgard will help.  The hood offers good added protection.
Packed down next to a Blackberry, Ruger LCP, and Credit Card
   Packablity is very important to me.  All to many times I have found myself on the river, boat, trail, or field taking layers off and looking for a place to safely store them.  The Microburst lite is just that.  It weighs in at 5 ounces and packs down easily into its own small pouch.  Here is a picture of the jacket next to other common everyday carry items.  you can defiantly find a  place to stow it in a back pack, purse,or pocket.
   I would have to say i recommend the Microburst lite to people looking for a light jacket.  The jacket offers no insulation quality, but layering underneath will be very effective.  Water tends to bead right off, and when the nylon does get wet it dries in about 5 minutes.  Construction is pretty good.  The stitching and zippers are good for a jacket so light.  If you need a light jacket to pack in on a cool morning or wear on the boat, give the Micro Burst lite a go! 


  1. The jacket sounds as if it's a good deal.

    Love the Ruger.

  2. Brk Trt, I love the little Ruger. It is very snappy, but reliable. The jacket is great for those October days.

  3. The microburst jacket sounds like a perfect little packable that I just might have to add to my inventory.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. sounds awesome, i just a columbia omni shield jacket which is a tad bit heavier jacket but bought with the same intentions. Nice gun!