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Sunday, September 9, 2012


   First order of business is to thank Blake Hamilton from illinoiswisconsinfishing  for resizing my header photo and adding some cool graphics.  

       I love fall.  Fishing is at its best, hunting season is on, great camping weather, and awesome hiking.  It truly is the season of harvest.  I plan to bee using my vacuum sealer and pressure caner a lot to ensure fresh eats all winter long.   Already I have noticed summer slipping away and fall edging its way in.   Some of the trees in my area already have started to turn, and we have already had quite a few windy days.  I have not needed a sweat shirt in the morning, but i am sure that is not far off.  Fishing has remained in the summer pattern.  Top water plugs in the morning seem to be producing some nice fish.  Storm's Chug Bug and the Still water Smack it jr.  are making us look good all morning long as they produce strikes all the time.
    The bad news is work has gotten busy and it is cutting into my fishing time.  There is so much i want to do in the next 2 months.  Clamming is shut down due to Vibrio bacteria levels and rain.  Vibrio gives you the shits so i will stay clear of that.   I really want to go crabbing in the week or so.  It has been a really good year for blue crabs.  Even though I am allergic to I still have fun catching them.  I also want to do a bunch of porgy fishing.  Porgies are the sunfish of the ocean, only they taste a lot better and they are 11-16 inches long.  I hope i am able to fit these activities in.

The Reactor!

12 Pound Bluefish



  1. When I was a commercial fish cutter, I went out of my way to fillet and bone out Porgy for walk-in retail customers who were obviously on a very limited budget even though we had limousine drivers waiting to pick up more expensive fish. (almost 3 decades ago...)

    1. Porgies are excellent on the table, and they fight like hell. Once October rolls around i will switch over to the black fish. I am going to try and make a stock out of it this year.

    2. Back in the 80’s, the fish stock for fine dining was the reddish-orange type made with sliced fennel (root), saffron, tomato paste, brandy and was used for bisque, bouillabaisses, rice…..

    3. That sounds great. I think for my first attempt i will stick with the basic stock. I am looking very forward to fall. I have a ton of work to do like getting my bluebill and buffle head decoys ready as well as good old ground fishing. Once the water temps drops i will do some more clamming stuff as well.