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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diamond Jigging


  I was invited to head out after work and do some diamond jigging on the reefs.  Well of course I went!  I met Jan D. and Grady White Tom to head out on his Grady.  The Boat is a 23 footer with a lot of beam and lots of power.  The boat has a Yamaha 350 V8 outboard.  What and engine!  Conditions could not have been better.  We all had a great time fishing for a few hours after work. We got into a few blues feeding in 50 Feet of Water.  From the bluefish puke in the water we determined the fish were feeding of small herring.  The action should really heat up in the next few weeks.   Thanks Tommy.

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  1. any fish coming out of 50 feet is sure to be a good tussle, kudos