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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get it Ready!

Merg, Scaup, and Buffle Head Decoys Ready to Go!

Thanks to passinthruoutdoors for his recent waterfowl hunting post, which everyone should check out. I am now getting ready to gun down some ducks and geese my self.
  Goose season open in my AFRP unit on November 15, Ducks open on the 17th, and Brant on the 24th.    Just the other day i noticed the first Brant of the year come down and I am sure I will see some Buffle Heads and Mergs in the next few weeks.  The big excitement this year is the increased Scaup limit from 2 to 4 birds!  Unlike some of the other diving ducks Scaup taste great.  I have taken out my decoys and got my main lines ready.  24 Scaup decoys is not a lot, but it is more important to set up on the X out there than the amount of decoys.  I can't wait to see some of these ducks streaking into my decoys.

here are some older pics

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  1. I am hoping to go duck hunting this year for the first time. I am joining a sportsman club this month and hope to join some members who will take a novice along to learn the fine art of duck hunting.