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Saturday, November 24, 2012

More ducks and some fog

Rather than going shopping on Black Friday I decided to try my hand at some ducks again. It was a good choice! I took along 18 bluebill decoys and 4 bufflehead and set up in the morning. Not even 10 minutes went by when 4 buffleheads streaked in. I dropped the last drake in the bunch and I was off to a great morning. Total for the morning was 3 buffleheads. I could have tagged a limit but I decided not to because I was waiting on an old squaw and I missed when my chance came. I also pulled a merg from the sky. I will be back next week after the old squaw because I noticed an area where I can pass shoot them


  1. Hey Savage.....how do you prepare the duck?

    1. The Buffleheads are a little tricky. They do have the strong livery taste to them; however, I have found a simple process that helps it out. First i breast them out. They are a small duck like a teal, but with much thicker plumage. There is not much else on these guys and the thighs are like rubber bands to chew. I soak the breast meat in milk for about 10 hours. During the 12 hours i change the milk and wash the meat off once. After the rounds of milk I just cook it on the grill or in the pan. I have also found some rosemary and salt and pepper go a long way. These same process works for the Old Squaw and Scoters.

  2. Replies
    1. I boiled the merg and fed it to my neighborhood wild cats. The buffleheads I soaked in milk and grilled then made a sand which.