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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Merganser


 Yesterday I had the day off and decided the only sensible way to blow the morning was to go Duck hunting.  I woke up to no wind, unlimited ceiling conditions, and 42 degrees.  Not the weather for saltwater duck hunting.  But I had to push on anyway.

     Getting the boat in the water was a little tricky.  The ramp I normally use is "out of service" due to Sandy. The location I am using now is a very shallow ramp, and requires you to back in a little further thank i like to since i get salt water toughing my rear tires.  I did get the boat in and I was off to the duck grounds.  Before the Hurricane Sandy hit i noticed good numbers of Old Squaw, Brant, and Mergansers.  Post storm observations are not good.  I have been out two days and i have seen very little, so
yesterday i headed to a spot i usually see diving ducks working.  I was able to set out my decoys and relax with some hot coffee.  After 20 minutes a lone Merganser flew into my set up.  I swung the bead threw him and slapped the trigger. He fell the 3 feet to the water like rock and never twitched.  After retrieving the Merganser I set up again and watched a lot of nothing unfold.  I did have 5 Brant land in my decoys, but they do not open till the day after Thanks Giving.  Other than that nothing was really flying so i pulled the plug at 9 and headed home to clean the bird and take a nap.

     While cleaning the Merganser I noticed why they seem to be a very tough bird to kill.  I plucked a bunch of feathers to make my cut to remove the breast meat.  I noticed just how thick their down is!  These birds are packed with insulating feathers!  Really thick too.  I should harvest it and make a sleeping bag.


  1. looks like a good local resource for some CDC. wonder if anyone has used merganser CDC before?

    1. I will try to save some of this stuff and try it out. Email me if you want some of it to try. Mergs are somewhat easy to come by and if i take one for a few feathers i am probably saving 50 trout.