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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gone Fishing

    I think all of us here in Connecticut were blessed with some fantastic weather this afternoon.  The thought of fishing was irresistible to me today.  I called my wife and told her I would not be home at 3 but more like 7.  When 3pm came around I rushed out the door and was greeted by my brother who also just got out of work.  He got out of his truck and said, "Lets go trout fishing".  I reached into my jeep and got my fly rod and gear and we were off.
It appears everyone else had the same idea, because traffic was horrific.  We did make it to our spot and  got down to business.  I ended up with 2 browns on a #16 bead head, and my brother got 5 with night crawlers.   My brother and I are at opposite ends of the fishing spectrum.  I had waders, and a fly rod.  My brother had night crawlers, no wadders, and all his tackle in a walmart plastic bag.  All fish were released unharmed.  The warm weather and sun brought the insect world to life as we had little dark Caddis flies and some BWO buzzing around, but  the trout were not eating the flies on the surface.  It was good to enjoy a nice day finally after a long day at work.  

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  1. The weather has been great......and the trout cooperating.