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Friday, May 8, 2015

Canoes and Rubber Worms

    Recently I picked up a 15 foot Old Town square end canoe.  I got it at a Dick's Sporting Goods on a really great sale.  I figured it would be great for fishing small lakes for Large Mouth Bass and other fish that inhabit these places.  I also figured it would be a great puddle duck hunting vehicle since it is in OD green.  The canoe has a forward and aft seat with a bench in the middle.  The bench has a sealed hatch for your stuff and a box of ammo  and what not.  then it has 3 cup holders for beverages. The square end is reinforced with wood and can take up to a 4.5 hp engine.  One day i will get a 3.5 for it but not anytime soon.
    Today was the canoes Maiden Voyage.  My buddy Tony and I grabbed a few rods, a cooler with ice, and threw the canoe on the roof of the jeep.  We chose to hit a Bass Management Lake about 45 minutes away.  Paddling the canoe requires a little more effort due to the extra beam and keel, but is manageable.  We each caught a bunch of bass on 4.5 inch purple rubber worms.  Other than that we spent the afternoon paddling around and having a bunch of laughs.  In all we got about 15 bass.  I did notice the lake was full of nice sized sunfish.  I will have to take the 4wt out next time for these guys. I am overall very happy adding a canoe to the line up.  I prefer it better than the yak since i can add and engine, take dog, load it with decoys, and a second person.

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